866 Ocean View Villa

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Fabulous happiness

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Located beside the Sailrock Beach, 866 Ocean View Villa is closed to some well-known tourist attractions, such as Eluanbi Lighthouse, Siangjiao Bay, Longpan Pak, and Kenting Main Street. These two bright-colored buildings look like what only appears in a fairy tale. In order to maintain great privacy, one building is for one group of visitors at one time, so even those famous singers visited here and enjoyed their holidays.

Premium facility and extraordinary scenery

The owner of this bed and breakfast was originally a staff of real estate industry. He found the beauty of this land and thus built a Moroccan style bed and breakfast on top of that. Since the opening, it has maintained the kind of luxury. Every accommodation room has a facility for making Teppanyaki cuisine and visitors could also have fun of BBQ. Besides that, relieving in the individual swimming pool, indulging in fantastic surrounding scenery and starry stars above the sky could be another great choice.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 866 Ocean View Villai??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 866 Ocean View Villai??TaiwanDay

With the blue, white, and bright orange exterior appearance, 866 Ocean View Villa has been very eye-catching. In the interior, in addition to vast space, there are some valuable furnishings, such as an ancient chandelier, Peru engravings, giant clock in relief, and so on. Even the handmade collage of tile on a sink values 550 thousand, said the housekeeper. The design of open kitchen and living room is suitable for a group of family. Comfortable SPA facilities and swimming pool are great for parents and children having a wonderful time. On the second floor, while immersing in the sea views, hot spring bath is available here.

A perfect vacation

Colorful mosaic tiles decorated in the accommodation rooms make visitor delightful. With the gentle whistle of sea waves and a comfortable King size bed, guests will definitely get a deep sleep at this villa. Simple style furnishing from kitchen and bathroom brings you a light and leisure ambiance. Coming here with your friend or family, you just feel as cozy as stay home.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 866 Ocean View Villai??TaiwanDay