The 2nd Garden Restaurant

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Ladies’ secret culinary garden

Overall environment ★★★★
Lodging environment ★★★★★
Service ★★★★

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The 2nd Garden Restaurant|TaiwanDay

For reservation only

Hidden in the alleys, the low-key restaurant is nothing easy to track down, not with a little extra attention. Moreover, it runs the business with its doors close. Why so? The reason for it is that the restaurant is for reservations only, therefore customers have to call out their names upon arrival until when the owner opens the door with greetings. For those passers-by or visitors at first instinct, this just may not be your destiny.

The restaurant was built by three ladies: the pair of sisters manage the cuisine and the elder sister’s friend take charge of the desserts and reception. Starting from zero, the three of them handled every detail with their own hands, from the construction site to the interior design. It took them altogether 4 years to complete. Walking from the gate, the pretty garden well-taken cared of can be seen. They grow flowers as well as edible plants, and vanilla grass for cooking. There is a pond where ducks are bred. A building for the owner’s dog is the most spacious pet house you can ever imagine. For a city person like me, the garden is exciting enough to stay for a long time.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The 2nd Garden Restaurant|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The 2nd Garden Restaurant|TaiwanDay

Cozy European Style

The building’s exterior design carries the images of Southern France, while the interior is mainly decorated with natural elements. The restaurant ceiling is elevated, creating more space and comfort. Styled with a rich European taste, the fireplace, ship-shaped lights, bar and red-brick poles integrate modern and old elements which turn out a surprisingly harmonious match. All the cute little decorations are pleasant to look at. One just cannot get out of the sofa once laid back in it. The garden restaurant aims to demonstrate a naturally elegant lifestyle with its cozy environment and cuisine so that guests can totally lay-back and enjoy the gastronomy.


With every bite comes a mouthful of surprise

At the restaurant, guests are introduced to no-menu European meals, prepared with top ingredients. The price starts from NTD2,000 per person. It also makes customized menus for special needs upon request. A new menu can be expected mostly every month. Redundancy is not an issue for even regular customers as chef considerately alters the flavors to ensure no duplicate meals are served for the same guests.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The 2nd Garden Restaurant|TaiwanDay