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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 13 Inn - Green Wonderlandi??TaiwanDay

Surrounded by the Green Wonderland

When the car deep into the small alley of a luminous village, what appears to the visitors first is the peaceful nature of the countryside. a�?13 Inna�? is at the end of the village. When people walk into the door gate, they will soon be surrounded by a vast lawn. The way we keep almost all the space as garden is surprising and difficult to imagine. 13 Inn is located on a gentle hillside, on a land about 3600 pings. We build this bed and breakfast and a small house for the host to live in this land. Although the house is a white and without any gorgeous decorations, it has everything you need for daily life. Here we have three suites, a small living room, a restaurant, and a kitchen available for guests. The main tune of everything here is white. Therefore the space feels bright and comfortable. Everywhere except the rooms have big French windows. The green view from the outside can be seen all the time.

Plan your holiday schedule

The B&B accepts only one group of guest each time, so the guests may feel like they have rent the whole place and they can arrange their time here all on their own. Before check in, you may hang around the B&B first, especially for the fresh green garden. Guests can sit on the bench and feel the breeze from the mountains. They can also watch the mist floating around central mountains and smell the fragrance of the grass. Moreover, you may take off your shoes, and take a barefoot walk to stay close to the ground. Flying kites on the lawn is available, so you may run and bring your kites on the lawn to see which is flying higher. As for those who like to play with the water, the pool here opens all day. Whenever you want to feel the coolness of the water, you can just jump in the pool within a step. It is the most popular place for parents, children and young people.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 13 Inna��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 13 Inn - Green Wonderlandi??TaiwanDay

Rich ecology with many surprises

Some parts of the B&B used to be Plum trees. The owner kept some of the original trees here during the beginning of the construction. There are trees such as saplings of the Formosan Ash (Griffith’s Ash), Taiwan Mulberry, Bead Tree, and several old Plum trees next to the door gate. During flower season, the floral fragrance is everywhere in the air. The owner maintains this green garden by his own hand, so he is very clear about every inch of land here and the surrounding areas. As a result, he does not try to plant other kinds of grass abroad. Instead, he retained the original grass here. By mowing the lawn from time to time, this is how this beautiful lawn has been preserved.

When early in the morning, birds will come out for foraging. If you are lucky, you can see the ring neck pheasant, small woodpecker, oriole and other birds. The collar owl is also a frequent guest here. At night, you may hear a sound like a�?Calla��Calla��. When you look at the branches and observe, you can see the trail of the collar owl. There is another amazing guest in the garden. It is the Mo tree frogs with a bright green body and orange feet. Its habitat is next to the pool, and the frog usually croaks with the cricketa��s sound. This combination of the sounds forms the most beautiful music at night. In the middle of May, rhinoceros beetles begin to appear on the trunk of Formosan Ash. This is the childrena��s favorite insect. 13 Inn has a rich ecological and green environment, as well as comfortable rural life. It is the biggest gift for guests enjoying a vacation here.

The 3 suites here are mostly in the tone of white and accompanied with wooden furniture. Hanging on the walls, there are several photography works that the owner took during his trips. There are also some small cultural and creative decorations around the corner. There is no television in the room, but we have a small audio speaker here that can attach to iPhones. We suggested you download some music you like before you go out, and then you may play the music here. The owner of this inn hopes the guests can have a completely relaxing time when they stay here and not being interfered by the bustle and hustle of a big city.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - 13 Inn - Green Wonderlandi??TaiwanDay